E-Learning and School Management System

helps you manage your school easily and effectively to own creative e-learning organized environment that relies on your needs.
tek school connects your staff: students parents and teachers in a powerful interacting circle which will give you clear criteria to know your school performance factors. 

TEK school mobile apps


  •  is the main account that can manage and create  accounts

  • can also give or limit access to any staff member.


  • teacher can do his work easier and faster than the traditional way
  • very interacting effecting and more secure


  • tek school parents make it easy to you to follow your child studies

  • you can also speak directly with his teacher and see all of his home work


  • students will be able to follow their tasks and home works easily 

  • they also can attend to the online sessions after receiving a notification alert

What about E-Learning

We support many online conferences

tek school provides you online e-learning system.
teachers can schedule an online session and students join it with attendance reports.
all the sessions could be saved and kept by the teacher if any student wants to revise them again.


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